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Innovation in Bussines

“No sales without Innovation, no Innovation without sales”

“If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old.”

– Peter F. Drucker


So if innovation is so important, why do so many companies spend all their time making tiny process improvements and watching their competitors steal their customers with innovative new products and services? Clearly the problem is not that business owners and managers don’t see the need for innovation. Many just don’t know how to encourage innovation. However, most actively discourage innovation – not on purpose, perhaps, but very effectively. Let’s look at two small companies. One is an example of how to discourage innovation. The other is an example of how to encourage innovation.

We are Ficha

FICHA GROUP INC. Is a team of expert thinkers working as a business collaborator firm with a global reach. We work with enterprises functions, solving business management and innovation. We assist organizations to create value improvements, better communications systems through interdisciplinary knowledge.


Innovation and strategic information are the new challenges of companies that  will survive the economic developments.

Their stakes are at levels , strategy,  product, technology and especially the customer with the aim to meet needs expressed or not the market to achieve and sustain its competitive advantages and to provide more customer value. We are sure that more companies are point to restructure their organizations oriented innovation management and management of strategic information. Their strength will no be the quality of their products, but the ability to produce new needs and technologies recently detected by the reactivity of their information systems.